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    Indus Training and Research Institute [ITARI] is a leader in teacher education. Humanity is progressing to the age of wisdom. The defining attribute of this age is to celebrate the unique gift in each person. We believe that teachers are the leaders in unlocking this uniqueness in individuals.


    To build an innovative learning community that will overcome challenges in future learning, by application of exponential technologies and personalisation of learning.


    To inspire, prepare and empower teachers to be life entrepreneurs, in order to re-skill and re-invent themselves, to succeed in a future driven by technologies of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Big Data. We will achieve our mission through collaboration with other learning institutions; solution-based research; and developing the ability of teachers to teach the whole child.

    Programmes We Offer

    Each of our programmes and workshops is crafted to upskill 21st century teaching competencies.

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    Postgraduate Diploma in Education – International (PGDE-I)

    Birmingham City University, UK

    The PGDE-I is our flagship programme, offered in partnership with Birmingham City University, UK. Participating students are mature professionals who choose to become influential educators.

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    New courses launching soon..!

    Cambridge International Diploma in Teaching and Learning (CIDTL)

    Cambridge Assessment International Education, UK

    This professional development qualification for in-service teachers is to upskill their practice. This highly-recognised diploma is offered in partnership with Cambridge Assessment and International Education, UK.

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    Cambridge International Certificate in Teaching with Digital Technologies (CICTDT)

    Cambridge Assessment International Education, UK

    Become a 21st Century teacher by upskilling with a CICTDT (Cambridge International Certificate in Teaching with Digital Technologies) from CAIE, UK. Upskill to open doors to top International schools. 

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    Teacher Executive Programmes: Workshops in Education 

    The ITARI Teacher Executive Programmes aim at preparing educators and decision-makers for the VUCA world. We work with organisations to inspire best practices relevant to the changing times.

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    What Makes ITARI Special

    We don’t just train teachers, we humanise education. Join us as we redefine education
    while innovating YOU.

    Indus International School, Bangalore 

    India’s #1
    International school

    13 Years

    Programmes in Educational Leadership


    Excellent Placement

    Giving our teacher-graduates the best opportunities to be change-makers. We are proud that we have ITARIans in many International schools in top leadership positions.

    21st Century ready Teacher Education Programme


    High Student-Faculty Ratio

    Creating great educators needs constant mentoring support. Each student in ITARI is mapped one-to-one to a highly qualified mentor to make change together. 

    Qualification anchored in Educational Research


    High-Tech Labs and Library

    ITARI-BCU student has access to high-tech labs, a world class library and excellent student support system. This together offers an opportunity to research futuristic practices in the Metaverse Lab making learning experiences unique

    Internationally Recognized Qualification


    Well Known Certifications

    ITARI enjoys affiliations with renowned international organisations. Qualifications with ITARI propel careers, thinking, and progressive change.


    30+ Years in age

    Industry Experts

    Technology Related Experts

    International Students

    Educational Field

    From the Desk of MD & CEO

    Lt. Gen. (Retired) Arjun Ray, PVSM, VSM

    Founder CEO & MD, Indus Trust

    Indus Training and Research Institute (ITARI) is the only institution of its kind in India for preservice and in-service teacher training in international education. Its uniqueness lies in being part of the ecosystem of Indus International schools. This enables internships and collaboration with mainstream IB teachers: just like the analogy of a medical college and a sister hospital co-located. Presently, ITARI in partnership with Birmingham City University, UK, offers Postgraduate Diploma in Education-International (PGDE-I), and the M.A.Ed. (with shared teaching | assessing facility). Additionally, in partnership with Cambridge Assessment International Education, we offer the Cambridge International Diploma in Teaching and Learning (CIDTL). These courses are hybrid in nature, thereby enabling students to remain in their respective schools, jobs, and cities, and learn from the course.

    All courses are conducted by experienced PhD-qualified faculty that mentor individual students thoroughly. A distinguishing feature of all courses is that ITARI is proactive in supporting 100 % placement in reputed schools all over India. In the near-future, ITARI will be conducting a six-month Diploma in Early Childhood Education from one of the renowned universities in Finland, at very affordable fees. Watch out for greater details. ITARI awards one-year research scholarships to five graduates at the end of each course. In addition, a Meta Lab is being setup for R & D for application of metaverse technologies in K 12 education. Graduates from renowned IITs are part of this project.

    From the Desk of Advisor to ITARI

    The great Greek philosopher Plato once said, “If you want to judge the quality of a civilization, have a look at its teachers.” With this he meant that the quality of teachers directly reflects the state of well-being in a country. Turbulent events like the Pandemic has mercilessly unearthed the huge gaps in our education system and economy and it is high time that educators wake up to this call and re-role themselves to this need. For this, firstly, the purpose of education has to be clear, because education is the bedrock of progress of any nation. Education needs to be relevant, and it has to focus on developing skills and competencies, because it is skills and competencies and not degrees which will shape the future of work.

    Future employability will be about competencies and mindsets more than college degrees and certifications. Teachers have to evolve and teach the current generation using disruptive methodologies by harnessing the power of innovation, technology and entrepreneurial competencies. In our endeavour to create teachers who are agents of change, ITARI has been offering a multi-dimensional process for guiding, teaching, influencing, and supporting a beginning teacher. We wish the ITARI team all the best as they continue to reinvent teacher training and redefine the role of the teacher.

    Mrs. Sarojini Rao

    Principal, Indus International School, Bangalore

    Life at ITARI

    ITARI is located in the green, serene Indus International School campus. This bustling ecosystem with children, teachers, researchers, trainee teachers, leaders, trees, birds, butterflies and flowers, make learning a compellingly enjoyable experience. Each day is unique and transformational.

    Success Stories - ITARI

    Our student-educators are our strength and pride. Their remarkable stories educate and inspire us! Here are a few heart-warming success stories:

    Tajeshwar Khara, PGDE-I 2023

    Curriculum Coordinator – Indus International School
    Alumnus, Cornell University, New York

    The PGDE-I programme (2022-23) at ITARI affiliated with BCU, UK has been a life-transforming learning for me, as an educator, in this challenging 21st century VUCA world. It has helped invoke the empathetic designer's mindset to teach the learners through the subject. The attribute of situational awareness to learn, unlearn, and relearn has been consciously nurtured, especially with respect to exponential technologies. I have understood that personalisation of learning in science is fostered by constructivist co-design, differentiated instructions, Socratic inquiry, creativity, metacognitive activities, experiential learning, learner agency, formative assessments, and regular feedback. Kolb's reflective cycle aids in continuously evolving my concept mastery, learning designs, ATL strategies, and the core competencies of empathy, emotional intelligence, critical thinking, self-efficacy, and leadership.

    Moya Caddy, PGDE-I 2023

    SASE- System of Alternative Schooling & Edu.

    I am so pleased I chose to do my PGDE-I with ITARI. It has been a truly invaluable learning experience. The faculty have been so wonderful throughout. They have guided and supported me which has enabled me to become a better, more confident educator. 

    Vidya Somnath, PGDE-I 2023

    Research Associate, Indus International School
    Alumnus, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala

    I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to gain a solid foundation in IB methodology. The instructors and mentors are top-notch, the course content is comprehensive and practical, and the community engagement aspect made the learning experience even more enriching.

    Priya Kalirajan, CIDTL 2022

    Coordinator, Christ International School, Alambady Kolar

    I When I planned to pursue my CIDTL course, ITARI was the only institute that flashed in my mind. I had heard about them through a friend who did her course there and seen the difference she brought to the class. True to their reputation, the ITARI team is very professional. The admission process is smooth. The faculty are some of the best in this space with impressive pedagogical skills, subject matter expertise and commitment. The content offered during the course is of high quality, reading materials very effective and the course deeply impactful. I can already see the value it is adding to my profile and professional development.

    Sekhar Milan, PGDE-I 2023

    Alumnus,IIT, Kharagpur

    The PGDE-I programme (2022-23) at ITARI affiliated with BCU, UK has been a life-transforming learning for me, as an educator, in this challenging 21st century VUCA world. It has helped invoke the empathetic designer's mindset to teach the learners through the subject. The attribute of situational awareness to learn, unlearn, and relearn has been consciously nurtured, especially with respect to exponential technologies. I have understood that personalisation of learning in science is fostered by constructivist co-design, differentiated instructions, Socratic inquiry, creativity, metacognitive activities, experiential learning, learner agency, formative assessments, and regular feedback. Kolb's reflective cycle aids in continuously evolving my concept mastery, learning designs, ATL strategies, and the core competencies of empathy, emotional intelligence, critical thinking, self-efficacy, and leadership.

    Parul M Patel, PGDE-I 2023

    Alumnus, Sardar Patel University

    One of the most noteworthy aspects of the course was the engaging discussions with ITARI faculties, where we explored topics such as leadership curriculum, academic curriculum, and trending educational practices. These discussions were stimulating and thought-provoking, providing me with valuable insights into the challenges facing education today and how to overcome them. Moreover, the course's emphasis on teaching the whole child, which includes not just academic learning but also social-emotional development and well-being, has been a crucial aspect that has truly resonated with me as a teacher. The course has helped me become a more reflective and intentional teacher, and I am excited to apply what I have learned in the classroom. The course has undoubtedly broadened my horizons and expanded my pedagogical repertoire, enabling me to meet the diverse needs of my students with confidence and expertise.

    Nikita Bajpai, PGDE-I 2023

    Alumnus, National institute of Design, Ahmedabad

    The one year course at ITARI has given me a crucible experience. The journey at ITARI has been highly impactful. Be open to let yourself go through the immersive experience that this course provides, you will eat, drink, sleep, walk, talk only about education and the future of education. Each day at ITARI takes you by surprise and you leave the campus with a learning. The course requires a lot of reading and self-learning. This is not a course that can be completed in a breeze, you really need to put in your best. Faculty at ITARI are like mentors, they can teach you not only about the course, but also guide you for your life. Faculty are all extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and hardworking. Placements were very well organized and conducted, it was a seamless experience to get in touch with the employers from all across India.

    Sreedevi Gopalakrishna, M.A.Ed. 2023

    Alumnus, Princeton Public Schools, New Jersey

    For an experienced educator like me, the M.A. Ed course at ITARI offered the right balance of agency and mentoring. The faculty at ITARI provided personalised feedback and guidance all through the  PGDE-I phase of my MA.Ed. course, helping me draw from my personal strengths and domain experience.  By being so approachable and accessible, they helped me immensely to achieve a goal which I am certain will help me in my professional development.

    Jigisha Shukla Mall, CIDTL 2023

    Teacher, Udgam School for Children, Ahmedabad

    ITARI is the best option for those candidates who intend to contribute generously to the educational field. The CIDTL online Program is like a blessing in disguise for me. I can continue with my regular school job and implement new pedagogy in my classrooms. The best part of this program is that it is aligned with not only IB Schools, but also helps in catering to the needs of other board learners. Online classes conducted by the faculty are engaging and enriching. I am surely looking forward to better prospects in my teaching careen after this course.

    Pooja Rai, PGDE-I 2023

    Alumnus, California State University, Fullerton

    ITARI has been quite an exciting and transformational journey full of intellectual stimulation. The program focuses on introspection, reflections, the impact of learning and independent thought. The lectures, exposure to the technology-driven future of education, first hand opportunities to teach kids makes it a truly unique experience.

    Shamma Jacob, PGDE-I 2023

    Teacher, Indus International School, Hyderabad
    Alumnus, Stella Maris College, Chennai

    I joined ITARI as an aspiring teacher. I learned that a teacher’s role is to motivate, moderate, and facilitate learning. As a teacher-learner, I have been exposed to best practices in IB education and its application in classrooms. Our internships at ITARI have been nothing short of exceptional experiences. Our mentors, Admin head, and Director constitute a dynamic team and have pushed us and expanded our capacity to think critically. The placements at ITARI were a true showcase of how ITARI’ans hold a competitive edge in the field of IB education. If one had to choose a progressive and persistent career as a teacher then ITARI is the place!

    Umashankari, CIDTL 2023

    Teacher, Shishya School, Hosur, Tamil Nadu

    This CIDTL course has made me reconsider my approach to learning. It has taught the importance of lesson planning and various teaching strategies. ITARI's structured guidance and framework at every level has strengthened my educational foundation and supported me with various theories and practices. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with such talented and dedicated mentors who are passionate about education and who are making a difference in the lives of their students. I've started reflecting on every activity I do in my life. This course has turned me into a lifelong learner.

    Meghna Doshi, PGDE-I 2023

    Alumnus, ST. Xavier's Institute of Management, Mumbai

    I have had the privilege of participating in this professional development program that has helped me to grow both personally and professionally. Their innovative curriculum fosters a collaborative learning environment, which encourages us to work together and learn from each other's unique perspectives. What I appreciate most about this institute's teachers is their passion for teaching. The faculty members are exceptional and truly care about their students' success. They work tirelessly to ensure that we are engaged, challenged, and motivated. I would highly recommend this institute to anyone who is looking for a quality education or a rewarding career in teaching.

    Preeti Nair, PGDE-I 2023

    Manager, Indus Training And Research Institute, Bangalore
    Alumnus, Shivaji University, Kolhapur

    When I embarked on my journey with ITARI, I was apprehensive and curious thinking about the things I would experience learning in the PGDE-I course. As my classes resumed, I discovered myself learning new educational theories, pedagogies, and how the learning and the learner play a vital role in the educational process. Being an educator, this course aided me to develop pedagogical strategies to grow and learn as an individual. This has given me new insights into teaching and learning which will benefit me as an educator. I would like to thank all my mentors and the faculty for their support and encouragement throughout the course.

    Namrata Verma , PGDE-I 2023

    Alumnus, Kumaun University, Nainital

    The institute offers a congenial learning environment, and the skills and knowledge gained here will be invaluable in any teaching career.  The faculty is extremely informed and skilled, and their dedication to offering top-notch instruction is demonstrated in the way they teach. Many facets of teaching, including pedagogy, lesson planning, classroom management, and assessment are covered in this extensive programme. The PGDI programme also offers plenty of chances for practical application, which aids in the development of students' skills and confidence in their own abilities. The institute offers its students placement assistance in addition to a top-notch academic curriculum, which is a bonus.

    Kanupriya Purohit, PGDE-I 2023

    Teacher, Indus Early Years, Koramangala
    Alumnus, University of Delhi

    The PGDE-I course is transformational, would be an understatement. The design and the implementation of the course structure brought attitudinal shifts in my life, to look at every aspect of life and life itself, differently. The course and the campus of ITARI is meant to introspect, reflect and inspire. Every mentor at ITARI has my best interest at heart and they always take out time to answer all questions I pester them with.  I am now on the path of personalising my own learning, evaluating and reflecting on my journey of relearning and unlearning, to become a better educator.

    Darshini V, PGDE-I 2023

    Teacher, Legacy School, Bangalore
    Alumnus., Mount Carmel College, Bangalore

    The program's curriculum is rigorous, challenging, and relevant to the demands of modern-day education. It has provided me with a strong foundation in educational pedagogy, and equipped me with the practical skills and knowledge necessary to become a more effective educator and to make a positive impact on my students' lives. The faculty are exceptional in their commitment to fostering a collaborative and supportive learning environment. The placements have given me the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills I have gained in a real-world setting. I have been placed at Legacy School, Bangalore.

    Andrew Teron, M.A.Ed. 2023

    Head of Science and Pedagogy, The United World College of Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

    As an International Educator with 7 years of experience in the field, I felt that I needed by teaching practice to strike a new level, so I wanted a good educational degree to further equip me for the roles at hand. I enrolled in a master's in education course facilitated by the Indus Training and Research Institute in Collaboration with Birmingham City University U.K. The course has provided me with an opportunity to deepen my knowledge and expertise in the field of education. I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to deepen their knowledge and expertise in education.

    Teachers affect eternity. No one can tell where their influence stops.

    Henry Adams