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    Thinking – Educators’ Guide 1

    Dr Mala Palani

    Director, Indus Research and Training Institute, Bengaluru

    “The mind is its own place and in itself can make a hell of heaven or a heaven of hell.”– Paradise Lost, Milton
    We are what we think. Whatever we are doing, whatever we are feeling, whatever we want – is a result of the quality of our thinking. In a rapidly changing world, the quality of our lives can be strongly impacted by our thinking. One question that educators are now asking is:How can we adapt to the continuous, and rapidly changing reality around us when reality will not allow us time to master it before it changes, again, and again, and in ways we can never predict?Thinking is rather effortless. Human beings can think naturally. However, improving the quality of our thinking requires conscious effort. Critical thinking requires relentless focus on our thinking.There is a fundamental difference between the way we are thinking now to the way we are required to think to thrive and succeed as educators:

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