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    Master of Arts in Education (M.A.Ed.)
    Birmingham City University, UK

    Master of Arts in Education (M.A. Ed.), Birmingham City University, UK

    The School of Education and Social Work, Birmingham City University (BCU) is one of the best teacher education schools. And we at Indus Training and Research Institute are a reputed brand in relevant teacher education. The M.A. Ed. programme we offer through our partnership is indeed unique.
    It is difficult for in-service teachers to advance their professional growth, particularly from reputed merit-based overseas universities. This M.A. in Education has been specifically created to serve in-service teachers. The programme’s distinguishing characteristic is that participating teachers can earn up to 60 academic credits while demonstrating their teaching experience to BCU. You can start studying at the PGDE-I (Diploma stage) right away after successfully completing this stage hence saving more than six months of schoolwork.
    There are no tests or assignments in the M.A.Ed. programme; it is solely based on researching your own classroom practice or leadership practice. You receive a world-class Masters degree at the most affordable price while remaining in your own country, continuing your job, and living with your families!

    Application Deadline : 10th June 2023

    Course Commencement : 1st September 2023

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      The Three phases in the M.A.Ed. programme
      The first two stages include the curriculum of PGDE-I. The curriculum of the third stage is research-intensive, and you are required to write an original monograph that informs your teaching-learning processes and transforms you into a teacher-researcher.

      Two routes to join this M.A.Ed. programme:

      Route 1
      Transfer of academic credits from the BCU PGDE-I:

      Both pre-service, and in-service teacher-learners can launch your Masters journey after successfully completing the PGCE – I and the PGDE- I from BCU. On successful completion of the PGDE-I, participants earn 120 credits. To join the M.A.Ed., you can transfer these credits and begin your Masters.

      Route 2
      Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) route for In-service Teachers:

      In-service teachers can join the M.A.Ed. by evidencing their experience in reflective teaching.

      By choosing the RPL route, you by-pass Stage 1 – PGCE–I. This saves precious time for serving teachers.
      One of the strengths of the programme is the diversity in the classroom. This course is built on the principles of equality, diversity, and inclusion.

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