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    Advantage of ITARI

    Why Us

    ITARI has registered around 1200 teachers on various courses since its founding in 2009. Leading international schools in India and overseas want qualified ITARI teachers. We continue to have a nearly 100% programme success record, as well as a high percentage of talent retention within Indus International Schools, particularly through our full-time courses. ITARI’s strategic goal is to develop trained human resource capital for the twenty-first century. We are an inclusive organisation that welcomes learners of all learning capacities. Graduates of all ages are welcome into our full-time programmes .

    As ITARI grows, our focus is on researching the possibilities to augment teacher performance through collaborating with exponential technologies; and delving deep into the possibilities of the human mind to continuously learn. We collaborate with world-renowned learning institutions to deliver premium research-based teacher qualifications. Our courses focus on deep reading, learning how to think, how to learn, and reflective practice. The Indus Campus is designed with world-class infrastructure and amenities to deliver the finest learning experience possible. Our team is dedicated to providing the best facilities, whether learning in-person or online. We mentor each participant to succeed in teaching 21st-century skills. 

    Training and Mentoring in
    Teacher Education

    The heart of mentorship comes from "a commitment to education, a hope for its future, and a respect for those who enter into its community."
    Mentoring at ITARI is a spiritual exercise. Each faculty at ITARI is a mentor. Mentors inspire deep observation, deep reading, and deep dialogues to stimulate reflection. ITARI faculty is skilled at probing the mentees’ beliefs through questioning and creating an environment for constructive feedback. The mentee-mentor difference often diffuses in conversation.
    Each graduate is indebted to the mentor for being instrumental in deep transformation. Graduating each student with a strong philosophy is ITARI’s signature strength. The aim is to build the capacity in each mentee to self-mentor their own lifelong learning.




    Oakridge International School Bengaluru

    Welham Boys’ School

    Oakridge International School Hyderabad

    Indus International School Pune

    Indus Internation School Hyderabad

    Indus Internation School

    Adani Internation School

    Ambitus World School

    Bangalore International School

    Indus Altum Internation School Belagavi

    Harvest International School

    Knowledgeum Academy

    JBCN Internation School

    Nahar International School

    Oasis International School

    Pathway World School

    SRV International School

    Tech Avant Garde

    The Learning Curve

    The Riverside School

    Trivandrum International School

    United World Academy

    Our Advantage

    100% Success

    It is extremely important to us to create opportunities for our student-educators, and that is something we put our 100% efforts into.

    Global Ready

    Being in collaboration with world-renowned universities, all our programmes are designed to make our learners ready to humanize education around the world.

    Qualify to Teach at International Schools

    Working crucially on 21st-century skills, we ensure our learners are absolutely ready to teach anywhere across the globe.

    Internationally Respected Certificates

    All the universities that we collaborate with are Internationally reputed. Our cohorts, therefore, graduate with globally respected certifications.