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    admission process

    Admission Process



    Welcome to teacher education with ITARI. You can chat with us using the chatbot feature or you can talk to our team members by expressing your interest in the online enquiry form. 


    Call From The Team

    ITARI's admission team will call the prospective student to discuss their enquiry, answer questions, and provide additional information.


    1 on 1 Counselling

    A personalised counselling session will be arranged to help the student understand the programme and its requirements, and to ensure that the student is a good fit for the programme.


    Payment Details

    If the student decides to proceed with the admission, the university will provide details on the fees and payment process. The student can then make the necessary payment to secure their admission.


    Admission Confirmed

    Once the payment is received, ITARI will confirm the admission and provide further information on the next steps, such as orientation, enrollment, and classes.

    Make an Enquiry

    Join the Force. Become an Educator today! Enquire now to know how!

      Programmes We Offers

      Each of our programmes & workshops is crafted to upskill 21st-century teaching competencies.

      Explore Now

      Postgraduate Diploma in Education – International (PGDE-I)

      Birmingham City University, UK

      The PGDE-I is our flagship programme, offered in partnership with Birmingham City University, UK. Participating students are mature professionals who choose to become influential educators.

      Learn More

      Master of Arts in Education (M.A. Ed.)

      Birmingham City University, UK

      The curriculum enables current educators and administrators to upgrade their skills in a year (with committed effort). Both pre-service and in-service teachers can participate in the programme.

      Learn More

      Cambridge International Diploma in Teaching and Learning (CIDTL)

      Cambridge Assessment International Education, UK

      This professional development qualification for in-service teachers is to upskill their practice. This highly-recognised diploma is offered in partnership with Cambridge Assessment and International Education, UK.

      Learn More

      Cambridge International Certificate in Teaching with Digital Technologies (CICTDT)

      Cambridge Assessment International Education, UK

      Become a 21st Century teacher by upskilling with a CICTDT (Cambridge International Certificate in Teaching with Digital Technologies) from CAIE, UK. Upskill to open doors to top International schools. 

      Learn More

      Teacher Executive Programmes: Workshops in Education 

      The ITARI Teacher Executive Programmes aim at preparing educators and decision-makers for the VUCA world. We work with organisations to inspire best practices relevant to the changing times.

      Learn More

      Features of learning for Hybrid-Flexible (HyFlex) Students

      We define hybrid-flexible learning as the freedom a self-directed ITARI learner has to make an informed choice of attending sessions online or in-person, depending on the goals of the learning.

      Control Over

      One has the entire control of their time due to flexible hours. By not being stuck in the regular routine, you can craft a system for yourself that enhances your learning. 


      You can fully experience self-directed learning whilst receiving the learnings from our educators through both the systems – offline and online

      Maximized Opportunities

      You can maximise the opportunities to learn from working in real-world experiences, teaching, researching, and gaining from mentoring

      Best Learning

      We use the Learning Management System to create similar experiences for both in-person and online cohorts. But you get the best of both worlds