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    About Us

    Who We Are

    Indus Training And Research Institute is a teacher education institution dedicated to innovative practices in personalising learning, and research in teacher augmentation. Co-located on the Indus International School, Bangalore campus, we teach and research in the areas of how to learn, unlearn, and relearn; how to think; how to partner with technology to personalise learning; how to design compelling learning experiences for Generation Alpha; how to accelerate learning, and how to be lifelong learners.
    Collaborating with leading institutions, we create educators who place HUMAN right in the centre! We are the first teacher education institution in India to offer level 7 postgraduate-level professional teacher certification programmes in international

    education, that are specifically tailored to the needs of progressive and international schools. We offer both pre-service and in-service professional teacher certification programmes in International Education.
    One of our core strengths is the diversity in our student-teachers community: our student-teachers come from various walks of life. We celebrate our unique strength to work with our students who have been engineers, medical professionals, corporate leaders, instructors, recent graduates, and teaching professionals. Together we bring a strong synergy which is the need of the hour. It takes us all to actively work towards humanising Education.

    Concept of ITARI​

    Rarely do we think what is the concept of an organisation. At Indus Training And Research Institute, that’s where we begin. Thinking conceptually is our way of life. We ask what is the concept of ITARI; of a mentor; of an educator in these times; and of education in 4th IR. So, what is the concept of a teacher preparation and research organization like ITARI?

    ITARI = preparing ethical, innovation-oriented educators
    The concept of ‘preparation’ is inspiring educators to upskill towards taking charge of their own learning for life. The concept of ‘ethical, innovation-oriented educators’ is to activate an exponential mindset in educators so that they are ever-ready to innovate themselves to serve the cause of teaching the child.
    The purpose of education is to prepare the children for the future. With the future becoming more volatile with climate change, geopolitics, and disruptive technologies, the concept of ITARI becomes more relevant. ITARI prepares ethical educators who mentor the children to lead innovation. They are aware that the role of a teacher is to teach the child and not the subject alone.

    History of ITARI












    Envisioned by Lt. Gen. Arjun Ray, MD-CEO, Indus Trust. He sees educators as the designers for a better world. He commissions ITARI to create these designers.


    Indus Training and Research Institute begins operations. We are inaugurated by Mr. Gavin Newsom, The Governor of California, USA.


    ITARI becomes a leading institution in preparing teachers to teach the International Baccalaureate programmes effectively.


    ITARI enters collaboration with University of Keele, UK. to co-offer the teacher


    ITARI decides to serve the in-service teachers alongside. We begin offering the Cambridge Professional Development Qualifications.


    ITARI students gain their Postgraduate Certificate in International Education in association with Birmingham City University, UK. WE become a leading Cambridge


    • ITARI offers MA with IBEC in partnership with University of Bath, UK.
    • ITARI signs a research partnership with University of Glasgow to study the nature of creativity learning in PGCE students.


    ITARI signs a formal partnership with Birmingham City University, UK. We become the leading institution in co-offering Level 7 teacher education programmes: PGCE-I; PGDE-I, MA. Ed.


    • ITARI graduates the first batch of teacher-researchers. ITARI begins Professional Development partnerships with leading education institutions like DSSC, Welham, Oakridge.
    • ITARI begins research in the use of exponential technologies.


    We are now opening Teacher Education in Early Childhood Education; and IB Educator Certifications. We have opened a Centre for Research to study areas like micro-learning, learning with exponential technologies like mixed reality, blockchain, big data; personalising learning; and how to learn, unlearn, & relearn.

    Leadership & Guidance

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    Mr. H.B. Jairaj


    Mr. H. B. Jairaj, is the Chairman of HRB Group of companies. He has an MBA (Finance) from Case Western Reserve University, USA, and is a prominent industrialist from Karnataka. Mr. Jairaj has guided his group of organizations into successful ventures across diverse enterprises. His group’s various interests include real estate, hotels/serviced apartments, restaurants, and healthcare facilities. At Indus, he is at the helm of strategic and financial planning, paving the way up for us to be topmost on the list of best schools. 

    Dr. Kumar Malavalli

    Trustee, Indus Trust

    Dr. Kumar Malavalli is an entrepreneur, renowned philanthropist, and visionary in the field of storage networks. He is the co-author and driving force behind Fibre Channel. He is also the Co-founder and former CTO of Brocade Communications; Co-founder, Chairman, and CSO of InMage Systems; and the CSO of LeadFormix. His contributions towards promoting the Entrepreneurship Curriculum and the Wellness Philosophy of the school are rather significant and have been instrumental in making Indus one of the top international schools.

    Mr. Sushil Mantri

    Trustee, Indus Trust

    Mr. Sushil Mantri, the Chairman & Managing Director of Mantri Developers Pvt. Ltd., is an outstanding personality in the world of realty, housing, and construction. He is a visionary with an astute and resolute sense of enterprise, who has transitioned from being an entrepreneur to an industry trendsetter. As the sole leader of his company, Mr. Mantri motivates and advises his committed team on all matters concerning governance, infrastructure, business development, and budgeting.

    Prof. Shivram Malavalli

    Trustee, Indus Trust

    Prof. Shivram Malavalli is currently the Chairman of the Indian Institute of Production Engineers, Senior Advisor at the World Association of Small & Medium Enterprises, and General Secretary of the Indian Science and Technology Entrepreneurs Parks Association. He guides all the futuristic planning, and technology-related initiatives at Indus, shaping us into one of the best schools to have remarkable technological capability.

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    Lt. General Arjun Ray, PVSM, VSM (Retd.)

    CEO, MD, Indus Trust

    A soldier-scholar of the Indian Army, Lt. General Arjun Ray, PVSM, VSM (Retd.), has wide-ranging experience in matters of defense and conflict management. As an ardent believer in leading purposeful life, he has a deep-rooted passion for social transformation. As the CEO-MD of the Indus Trust he provides vision and strategic direction to all Indus International Schools and Institutions. He is responsible for long-term perspective planning; leadership training; teacher development programmes; and in aligning parents, children, and the community, towards implementing the Trust's social responsibilities.A soldier-scholar of the Indian Army, Lt. General Arjun Ray, PVSM, VSM (Retd.), has wide-ranging experience in matters of defense and conflict management. As an ardent believer in leading purposeful life, he has a deep-rooted passion for social transformation. As the CEO-MD of the Indus Trust he provides vision and strategic direction to all Indus International Schools and Institutions. He is responsible for long-term perspective planning; leadership training; teacher development programmes; and in aligning parents, children, and the community, towards implementing the Trust's social responsibilities.

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    Mrs. Sarojini Rao

    Principal, Indus International School, Bangalore

    Mrs. Sarojini Rao, has been the Principal of Indus International School, Bangalore since July 2005. Due to her dynamic and charismatic presence, the Indus International Schools and Indus Training and Research Institute have benefited exponentially. She is the Managing Trustee of Indus International Community School, Bangalore, one of India’s best international schools that offer quality education to the underprivileged. Mrs. Rao has been instrumental in planning the curriculum and inter-curricular strategy, defining academic and non-academic objectives for the school, and training teachers.

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    Dr. Mala Palani

    Director and Faculty

    Dr. Mala Palani has worked in both K-12 and teacher education. Her rich experience in both the areas inform her research and teaching at ITARI. As the director, she inspires bold ideas and supports their implementation. As a teacher educator, she uses data-led dialogic reflection and case studies to impact deep thinking in her classes. At ITARI she brings her experience and deep passion to build an ecosystem where teachers – learners - teacher educators - universities - society and industry can work together towards education for a wisdom-based society.

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    Prof. Simon Spencer

    Faculty (Retired), Health, Education and Life Sciences, Birmingham City University, United Kingdom

    As Associate Professor and the Quality Enhancement Lead for the School of Education and Social Work, Simon has held responsibility for all quality and compliance matters for programmes covering the initial training of teachers and social workers, cross-education professionals, and the continuing professional development of experienced practitioners in education-related fields. He is a member of the School Executive Group, playing a key strategic leadership role

    Dr. Tina Collins

    Senior Lecturer in Education, Birmingham City University

    Dr. Tina Collins is the Senior Lecturer in Education, and she is currently leading the Masters in Education (taught) programme. Dr. Tina’s experience also includes teacher training. Being ITE Secondary Partnership Research Lead and Link Academic Tutor for the PGDE-I and MA programmes she works dedicatedly with the Indus Training and Research Institute in India (ITARI). She has also been the Subject Leader of an English department and Assistant Headteacher in two non-selective secondary schools within the South-East of England

    Prof. Mary O’Connor

    Course Lead, Birmingham City University

    Prof. Mary O’Connor is the BCU Course Lead for International Post Graduate Teacher Education Courses. She is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Since October 2021, Mary has worked as the Course Lead for the ITARI PGDE – I, and MA Education Courses, a role that involves managing, leading, and quality-assuring all ITARI Teacher Education Courses. Mary also leads the Coaching and Mentoring of Masters Level module for school-based mentors at BCU as well as teaching mathematics

    Prof. Clair Bowen

    MA. Ed. Mentor, Birmingham City University

    Clair Bowen works with MA.Ed. dissertation scholars to support and supervise them through all processes of preparing and writing the dissertation. She has 7 years of MA Tutor experience, specializing in MA Education. She is the Strand Lead for the MA Education International Students. She understands the complexities of meeting the demands of studying for an MA through a course based in England and she is able to offer all levels of support that is needed for the scholars to successfully complete their studies to their greatest potential

    Prof. Sarah Bonser

    MA. Ed. Mentor, Birmingham City University

    Prof. Bonser has worked at BCU since 2015 after working as a mathematics teacher in schools across the West Midlands. Her work is predominantly in mathematics teacher training across a variety of routes into the profession. She also works across different Masters programmes as a dissertation supervisor for final-year projects. Her main areas of interest lie in mathematics education and her main research area is into mathematical anxiety in school-aged children

    Prof. Kevin Mattinson

    Associate Dean (Retired), Head of the School of Education, Birmingham City University

    Prof. Kevin Mattinson has worked at Birmingham City University (BCU) since February 2014. He has been the Associate Dean in the Faculty of Health, Education, and Life sciences, Head of the School of Education, and Professor of Teacher Education. He came to BCU from the University of Keele, where he had been the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Community and Partnerships) and Head of Teacher Education for several years. Kevin has sat on a number of advisory bodies

    Prof. Liam McGrath

    Associate Head of School (interim), School of Education & Social Work, BCU.

    Prof. Liam McGrath is a Senior Teaching Fellow at Birmingham City University and since joining the university in 2019 has supported the delivery of teacher education within the Secondary and Post-Compulsory Education and Training Department in the School of Education and Social Work. Liam was elected Chair of the Strategic Leadership Partnership Committee, making recommendations to the School of Education and Social Work for approval matters relating to the quality and standards of PCET awards

    Prof. Jeffrey Thompson

    Emeritus Professor of Education, University of Bath

    Prof. Jeffrey Thompson is an Emeritus Professor of Education at the University of Bath. Prof. Thompson is one of the founding members of the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) which was instituted in Geneva in 1968. He has worked closely for many years with IB curriculum, evaluation, and assessment systems, both nationally and internationally. He currently chairs the Advisory Board for the International Primary Years Curriculum and International Middle Years Curriculum.

    Dr. Mary Hayden

    Head of the Department of Education, University of Bath

    Dr. Mary Hayden is the Head of Department of Education and a Senior Lecturer at the University of Bath, UK. She leads the department's International Education and Globalization research cluster and acts as the Director of the department's Centre for the study of Education in an International Context. Her research interests focus particularly on international schools and international education prevalent worldwide. She is faculty for the University’s M.A. in Education and Doctor of Education programmes and guides Ph.D. and Ed.D. research scholars from across the world

    Ms. Sunitha Amencherla

    Senior Faculty, Exams Officer, CIDTL

    Prof. Sunitha Amencherla teaches and mentors teacher-learners across programmes. She has rich experience in K-12 education reform. She has architected reform at the grassroots level through advocacy, building and implementing strong technology-based curriculum, teacher training in ICT implementation, and skilling teachers in Assessment for Learning

    Dr. Sumita Rao

    Programme Leader, CIDTL

    Dr. Sumita Rao has 27 years of experience in K-12 Education and Teacher Education. During this period, she has been involved in K-12, Undergraduate, Postgraduate Teaching, and Teacher Training. She has organized and prepared several training modules and has led several workshops, training & capacity-building programs for School Teachers, Teacher Educators, and Teacher Trainees. She has 14 papers published in various journals. In ITARI she is instrumental in leading the Cambridge teacher professional development programmes. She is deeply invested in building reflective practitioners in the K-12 sector

    Dr. Vijetha Palnaty

    Coordinator, Senior Faculty, PGDE-I, MA.Ed.

    Dr. Vijetha Palnaty teaches on all programmes at ITARI. She is a trained specialist in teacher education for children with hearing impairment. She practices solution-based research in the fields of special education and teacher education. She is an acclaimed researcher with a strong presence in leading conferences and research journals. Her research interests in ITARI are in the areas of inclusive education, impacting teacher mindset towards empathizing with their learners, and in capacity-building them to proactively personalize learning

    Dr. Anamika

    Senior Faculty, PGDE-I, Research Lead in Futuristic Education

    Dr. Anamika is a senior faculty teaching across programmes. As a leading researcher herself, she takes pride in guiding futuristic research practices. She is currently working on NEP 2020 implementation; Personalising Learning; and Teachers Partnering with Technology to Teach competencies to Children. She has experience in higher education including elementary and secondary school teacher education. She has published extensively on internationalisation of higher education, and human rights education. She is a recipient of Taiwan Government’s Scholarship for a Ph.D. in Education. Anamika was a visiting faculty at Uppsala University, and a Summer Intern at Georg Eckert Institute, Germany

    Ms. Sowmya Naidu

    Head, Admissions & Marketing

    Ms. Sowmya Naidu works towards communicating and marketing the concept of ITARI. She enjoys connecting with educators across the world to spread 21st Century-relevant teacher education and research at ITARI. She comes up with several strategic ideas to build a strong community that is focused on innovating best practices in education. Sowmya has more than one decade’s experience in marketing education programmes. Her relentless drive to serve ITARI’s vision has often been a source of inspiration to her team

    Our Graduates Around The World


    Indus Training And Research Institute (ITARI) has entered into multiple international collaborations including exchange of distinguished faculty, research collaboration, development of academic materials, and co-offering of programmes.

    University of Bath, UK, is ranked among the top five universities in the UK. UoB offers the prestigious MA in Education programme at ITARI study centre, Bangalore. The programme is a dual certification course with the possibility of earning the IB Educator and Advanced IB Educator Certificates from International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO).

    ITARI offers its Post Graduate Diploma in International Education in association with BCU and adheres to the UK teaching standards to ensure the relevance of the programme in the VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity of general conditions and situations) world. Faculty from the BCU visit ITARI every year to exchange teaching practices and ideas and conduct sessions with our trainees.

    ITARI is one of the largest Cambridge study centers in the country that offers the Cambridge Certificate and Diploma in Teaching and Learning. (CICTL & CIDTL). The Cambridge Professional Development Programmes are great opportunities for serving teachers to improve their reflective practice. With meetings only on specified weekends, the Cambridge Professional Development Qualifications are easily accessible to teachers.