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The CIDTL programme is possibly the best course ITARI offers, bringing new ideas and concepts for me to learn and incorporate into my teaching practice. I`ve had the opportunity to engage with various educational theories and learn collaboratively at Indus. Infact no sooner had I registered, did I get an interview call for appointment as Faculty for ITARI itself, which I immediately took up. This qualification provides immediate career openings in International Schools. (By: Priya Meiselbach.)
ITARI has provided me an engaging learning environment which is both enjoyable and informative. I am currently studying on the PGDIE programme this year. I`m a boarder from outstations, and live on School campus; the campus is simply fabulous with all amenities! I enjoy interacting with the School children from 32 countries on campus. The high academic standing of ITARI Faculty and School Mentors make the PGDIE an extraordinary full-time teacher training programme, unlike any other in the country. My batch mates are from diverse backgrounds, I`ve found such amazing friends. The curriculum and assessment is holistic. What particularly strikes me is the perfect balance between theory and practice. The Leadership Training organized is outstanding! This course is helping me shape my identity as a teacher. I am certain the programme will help me succeed and realize my dreams. (By: Angie Anna Tarun, PGDIE Trainee ITARI (2015-16))
The Cambridge International Diploma (CIDTL, UK) gave me the flexible option of working and studying at the same time. The fee was reasonable. The workshops were very informative thanks to the brilliant faculty members; the facilities, library and logistic support were excellent. I was able to complete all the research modules prescribed by Cambridge International Examinations, get a distinction, and get a job at a reputed International School through ITARI placements. Many of my batch mates also got jobs in good Schools including Indus. Thank you team ITARI, you have made all the difference in my career. (By: Aparna Roy, Science Teacher, DP, Bangalore)
The Indus Training and Research Institute has developed me into a 21st century leader now equipped with the best teaching practices for IB through an intensive course based on International Pedagogy. After completing my B.Ed I was recruited at Indus through the PGCIE programme. This academic programme has facilitated my evolution into a professional, enhanced my competencies, developed my personality and enriched my career prospects. (By: David Fernandez, English Teacher, IGCSE, Indus International School Bangalore)
There are very few organizations today, wherein you are made to feel like you belong! With Indus International School for more than 5 years now, I have been an Indus parent, a demanding member of the PAC, a PGDIE trainee at ITARI, and now after a rigorous one year training with internship finally recruited as a teacher at Indus International School, Bangalore. Through it all I can honestly say, it`s been worth it, ``I am where I want to be`` Thank you ITARI for challenging me to raise the bar, for your unflinching support and for being my home away from home!. (By: Gina Mistry, Primary Teacher, PYP, Indus International School, Bangalore)
As an unsure fresher, looking for a job as a teacher at a good school, being selected through campus recruitment and getting accepted into ITARI was an absolute blessing for me and my family. The PGCIE training I received was transformational. The faculty at ITARI are not only experts but warm, inspiring individuals who have, in a short time, impacted my life and career positively. Through ITARI I have been recruited as a teacher at Indus International School, Pune. I cherish my job, have got a great salary with perks. My students enjoy my teaching. I remain indefinitely indebted to the institute that I respect and love so dearly. (By: Pallavi Naomi Singh, English Teacher, MSP, Indus International School, Pune)

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