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The mission of ITARI is to encompass the areas of training, research and knowledge management, leadership development and quality management systems for International Schools across India, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific.

It therefore envisages:

  • Pre-service training programmes in international education.
  • In-house capacity-building of Indus teachers and others.
  • Conduct research in pedagogy, human learning as well as knowledge management.
  • Quality evaluation of international schools.
  • Consultancy services.

Pre-service Training Programmes in International Education:

Pre-service training programmes are meant for both freshers and teachers who are newcomers to international curricula, and who would like to pursue a teaching career in International Schools.

In-service Training Programmes in International Education:

ITARI offers the Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers (CIDTT). This is a professional course of eight months duration meant for teachers/working professionals who require additional qualification and training to familiarize themselves with International Education. Classes are conducted online with a few contact periods and practical sessions. The Diploma is accredited by the Cambridge University, U.K. and is recognized worldwide.

ITARI has customized workshops (duration of 2-3 days) for Indus schools. Workshop themes are on International Education, Leadership and Best Pedagogic Practices. This training is aimed at helping teachers reflect on their practices, share their experiences, and create awareness of new literacy and best classroom practices, thereby creating a professional learning community. Workshops can be conducted for schools which are interested in the professional development of their faculty. Workshop topics and duration can be customized to suit a particular school and can also be conducted at respective schools.

Research in Pedagogy, Human Learning, and Knowledge Management Systems:

Research is an essential, integral practice in an academic institution; necessary in order to synthesize new information, incorporate best teaching practices and keep up with the rapidly evolving nature of 21st century education. Changes that affect the classroom, curriculum design, instructional practices, emerging technology, scientific findings in cognitive neuroscience and child psychology, need to be continuously monitored, and updated through an organized research process. The Connect and Develop(C & D) philosophy for research facilitates collaboration and networking, provides exposure and creates awareness in emerging research findings originating from various eminent research firmaments worldwide. At ITARI, scientific research findings are collated, analyzed and applied into classroom practices.

The Knowledge Bank comprises of peer-reviewed research papers in pedagogy, links to educational journals, e-books, videos and important websites. A library with books, periodicals and magazines has been set-up. An e-journal (SOAR) is published quarterly with articles written by Indus School Teachers on various teaching practices, personal experiences, feedback on workshops and interesting findings that bridge the fields of teaching and research in school education.

Quality Evaluation:

ITARI aims to examine all quality issues and tools and make recommendations for the development of all Indus schools. Concerns with quality and sensitivity to stakeholders are very important issues for the sustained growth of the educational firmament. The Balanced Scorecard is being used to evaluate the overall performance of a school to provide a 360° feedback.

Consultancy Services:

ITARI offers consultancy services to various Schools on: Faculty induction training (CIDTT) and workshops; selection of faculty and the pre-authorization process of IB PYP, MYP and DP programmes for new schools, as well as specific areas of research any school may wish to address.

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