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Research is an essential integral practice in an academic institution, necessary in order to synthesize new information, incorporate best teaching practices and keep up with the rapidly evolving nature of 21st century education. Changes that affect the classroom, the curriculum design, instructional practices, emerging technology, scientific findings on cognitive neuroscience and child psychology, need to be continuously monitored, and regularly updated through an organized research process. The Connect and Develop (C & D) philosophy for research facilitates collaboration and networking, provides exposure and creates awareness about emerging research findings originating from various eminent research firmaments worldwide. Processing relevant new information or data and its subsequent application in teaching practices would bridge the existing gap between research and teaching. The Indus Vision is to establish the research centre at ITARI as a unique connect-and-develop initiative, undertaking trans-disciplinary research in emerging areas of human learning to facilitate the best instructional practices in school education for the 21st century.

The Research Centre in Human Learning at the Indus Training and Research Institute (ITARI) aims to collate, consolidate, analyse and apply relevant research findings about human learning into instructional practices within the Indus Schools. Our research centre aims to provide the insight and strategies to apply pertinent scientific principles and methods by a broad study of interdisciplinary findings in neuroscience, evolutionary biology, culture, metacognition, psychology, technology and future studies, which have direct bearing on teaching and learning experiences that impact both students and teachers. We have adopted the connect and develop (C & D) philosophy as a system for accelerating internal research and development efforts by leveraging the wealth of information available in various forms externally and building on the earlier R & D innovations of other eminent research institutes or scientific organizations around the world. Our connect and develop approach allows us to network and tap the expertise of innovators and scientific experts, to collect and synthesize published information, and further refine and implement path-breaking innovations related to education. Our multidisciplinary approach aspires to bring together scientists and educationists working in different disciplines into the main stream areas of Human Learning and Pedagogy.

Current research findings are being collated, studied and applied in classrooms for the benefit of our academic fraternity. With reflection and evaluation, new strategies are incorporated, and academic practices and curriculum are being developed in our institutions.

Research Methodology and Application :

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