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University of Bath & ITARI Collaboration Launch - October 17, 2016 (Created on: 1 Oct 2016)
Launching the collaboration between University of Bath & Indus Training And Research Institute for introducing MA in Education & IB Educator Certificate. Read more.
IB Asia Pacific Regional Conference 2016 - March 17 - 19, 2016 (Created on: 20 Apr 2016)
Senior management from Indus schools attended the IB Asia Pacific Regional Conference in Hyderabad from March 17 - 19. This was a key conference on planning the way forward for IB institutions in the region. Read more.
ITARI new campus launch - February 15, 2015 (Created on: 19 Feb 2016)
On Monday, 15th January 2016, ITARI inaugurated their new building within the campus of Indus International School, Bengaluru, and hosted its first campus event with the graduation ceremony for its PG CIE batch. The ribbon-cutting ceremony was graciously conducted by Mr Sushil Mantri, Chairman, Indus Trust. Read more.
Leadership Track 3 Conference, Colombo, June 14 - 18, 2015 (Created on: 28 Aug 2015)
The first Leadership Track 3 Conference was held at Colombo over 5 days, with select representatives from various Indus Institutions including the Indus International Schools, ITARI and ISL. Read more.
Leadership Track 1 for ITARI, Aug 14 - 17, 2015 (Created on: 28 Aug 2015)
ITARI trainee-teachers experienced their first Leadership Track 1 workshop, with CEO, General Ray speaking about goal-setting, and the Principal, Mrs. Rao, speaking about reflection. Read more.

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